Sunday, September 27, 2009

Best friends

My daughter Tatum (brown eye) and her best freind Mylie (green eye) are glued at the hip, or should I say "the head". These two are inseperatable, and I love watching their friendship grow.

My 10 year old took this pic by the way. Pretty good I must say so myself.
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Dog n Cat 5

Here is pic number 5 from Dog n Cat series.
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Dog n Cat 4

This is Dog n Cat # 4. I think this would make a cute kids book, what do you think?
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Apple Tea

I was in the mood to make tea today while working here at home. Here is a healthy, yummy tea for you all to try out.
* Sliced apples
* few sticks of cinnamin
* flor de jamaica (flower of jamaica)

I get the jamaica flower in Mexico ( this is a great antioxident, and suppresses your appetite as well).

Boil, steep, then you can drink it hot or cold. I like to put it into a pitcher in the fridge, and drink from it for a few days.

I love how pretty an apple is on the inside when you slice it this way ( in the pic).
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dog n Cat 3

Here is page 3 of Dog n Cat. We are still enjoying summer whether here in California. I can't wait for the fall air.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

JennyDraws New Website

I am very proud of myself today.  These past few months I have been working on designing my very own JennyDraws website, and  I finally have it up and running. Whew! Hard work since I am not a programmer or computer guru, this was a big task for me. I have it hosting through GoDaddy. The site is overwhelming at first but gradually overtime it gets a little bit easier to understand. My offical website is at I also have a link set up at jennydraws for a shop. I must also say that a good friend with computer website knowledge is a must when designing it yourself. My friend is George Ogan and he is great at designing web pages. He helped me get my banner up on this blog as well as my website. Shoot him an email if you would like for someone to help you design your own website. Hmmmn, what picture should I pick for this post....

Dog n Cat 2

Well, after visiting my parents again down in PrimoTapia Mexico I enjoyed my time water coloring my sketches that I drew last week. This is page 2 of Dog n Cat, or should I say "Cats".

Have a great Monday everyone.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pizza Tonight

Anyone want homemade pizza for dinner tonight? Going to use tomatoes from my friends garden, and fresh herbs from my little herb garden. Wish I had a cow outside to make fresh cheese. ha... A cow would look lovely in my swimming pool, and I wouldn't know how to even milk the cow let alone make cheese...wishful thinking, but if I lived on a farm, I'd sign myself up for a "milking the cow class". I'm the type who always loves to learn how to do anything or everything. Maybe that's why I don't get around to tidying up my house like it should be. Hope everyone had a good day today.... chow.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dog n Cat

Yesterday I spent most of my day painting and sketching. Yay. It was fun and relaxing. I must admit I was watching "Gone with the Wind" during my painting session. I love that movie. Anyone else like it as much as I do? This illustration is the first page of my series. Im not sure of what to call it yet. Who knows maybe I will write a story to go along with it too. Next page will be coming soon. I have a question if anyone might like to respond to. When writing a story that you would like to publish, if you blog about it, or put up the illustrations for it on your blog, is it considered published already? Would a publishing house not consider it for publishing? Hope that makes sense.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

SketchBooks Rule

Almost all of my doodling occurs in a sketchbook. I sketch in many different sizes. The current one I am using, seems to be my favorite. Where do you do your doodling at?

I am working on a series of paintings right now that involve my wire-hair dachshund named "Peanut", and some pesky cats. Like my "Grandma" series, I will start with one animal and work my way up to five or six. ( In this case, I am using the cats, in my Grandma series I used mice). Since my Peanut is so spoiled, my little paintings will reflect a very spoiled dachshund. :) hm mm.... I'm wondering if I should use watercolors or acrylics.

My sketchbook
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My House

watercolor by JennyDraws
I was thinking I should put up a picture of my house so that you all can see my place that I spend most of my time in.  So far in this bad ecomomy my family has been blessed to be able to stay in our place of residence.  My heart goes out to all the familys who have lost their homes.  Here in California there are numerous beautiful homes with nobody to love and cherish them.  So sad.    Here are the pictures that I worked from.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Its so hot.......

Cactus Party - Acrylic on canvas board

For the last week, I think that summer is having a hard time saying goodbye, and letting fall come on its way. The air is hot, sticky, sweaty, and very unlike a true California day. It makes me think of my cute little succulants who must be the only ones enjoying these long days. Please fall, come soon now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

California Wild Fires and Dumb Donkeys

California Wild Fires Rage

Schwarzenegger Urges Evacuations as Fire Threatens 12,000 Homes, Communications Center

By LEE FERRANAug. 31, 2009

11 sepreate fires burned Monday in California at temperatures reaching 100 degrees. Now at least 150 square miles, the fire tripled in size Saturday and more than doubled again on Sunday. Some areas that are burning have brush that had built up unburned for forty years.....

Now, five people who refused to evacuate the spreading California wildfires cannot be rescued and will have to wait out the flames, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.
Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said that on Monday the four men and a woman called for help because they were unable to leave a ranch in Gold Canyon. Just a day earlier they refused to leave the Angeles National Forest.
"What this says is, 'Listen, listen, listen,"' Whitmore told the Associated Press. "Those people were told to get out two days ago, and now we are putting our people in danger to get them out." The menace of the rampaging fires was starkly illustrated Sunday by the death of two firefighters who were battling the blazes. The firefighters, Capt. Tedmund Hall, 47, and Spc. Arnaldo "Arnie" Quinones, 35, were killed when their vehicle tumbled down the side of a mountain on the northwestern front of the fires. Along this front, one fire, known as the Station Fire, has already burned more than 20,000 acres, according to Gov. Schwarzenegger's office.
A note from JennyDraws: The wildfires in California is not funny, however the five dumb asses who stayed put, are.

Go Green and Buy a Flying Carpet

I couldn't resist drawing this quick sketch. A magic carpet would be a fantastic way to get around. What do you think?
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Who doesn't like cartoons? Anyone? Well if you don't then you might be a little too serious in life. Drawing little characters for me keeps me young and happy. If you have children, sit down and watch their cartoons with them. You might be suprised and find yourself smiling. I wonder why? as we grow older that we stop enjoying simple little things such as a cute cartoon. What's your favorite cartoon character?
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Grandma and Five Fast Mice
I sold my first print today. Woooohoooo. I can't beileive it. It took awhile. I've been blogging, and adding to my Etsy store, and today was my big day. Thank you Gretchen Higbee for buying my first sale. Hope you enjoy Grandma.