Monday, September 14, 2009

SketchBooks Rule

Almost all of my doodling occurs in a sketchbook. I sketch in many different sizes. The current one I am using, seems to be my favorite. Where do you do your doodling at?

I am working on a series of paintings right now that involve my wire-hair dachshund named "Peanut", and some pesky cats. Like my "Grandma" series, I will start with one animal and work my way up to five or six. ( In this case, I am using the cats, in my Grandma series I used mice). Since my Peanut is so spoiled, my little paintings will reflect a very spoiled dachshund. :) hm mm.... I'm wondering if I should use watercolors or acrylics.

My sketchbook
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Anonymous said...

I am Mel and i am an Sketchbookoholic!
Love sketching all the ideas that are swimming around in my brain.
Can't wait for your new series!

annechovie said...

Nice work, Jenny! Have a great week!