Wednesday, September 2, 2009

California Wild Fires and Dumb Donkeys

California Wild Fires Rage

Schwarzenegger Urges Evacuations as Fire Threatens 12,000 Homes, Communications Center

By LEE FERRANAug. 31, 2009

11 sepreate fires burned Monday in California at temperatures reaching 100 degrees. Now at least 150 square miles, the fire tripled in size Saturday and more than doubled again on Sunday. Some areas that are burning have brush that had built up unburned for forty years.....

Now, five people who refused to evacuate the spreading California wildfires cannot be rescued and will have to wait out the flames, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.
Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said that on Monday the four men and a woman called for help because they were unable to leave a ranch in Gold Canyon. Just a day earlier they refused to leave the Angeles National Forest.
"What this says is, 'Listen, listen, listen,"' Whitmore told the Associated Press. "Those people were told to get out two days ago, and now we are putting our people in danger to get them out." The menace of the rampaging fires was starkly illustrated Sunday by the death of two firefighters who were battling the blazes. The firefighters, Capt. Tedmund Hall, 47, and Spc. Arnaldo "Arnie" Quinones, 35, were killed when their vehicle tumbled down the side of a mountain on the northwestern front of the fires. Along this front, one fire, known as the Station Fire, has already burned more than 20,000 acres, according to Gov. Schwarzenegger's office.
A note from JennyDraws: The wildfires in California is not funny, however the five dumb asses who stayed put, are.

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Anonymous said...

Hats off to these courageous firemen/women who are fighting these horrible fires!