Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dog n Cat

Yesterday I spent most of my day painting and sketching. Yay. It was fun and relaxing. I must admit I was watching "Gone with the Wind" during my painting session. I love that movie. Anyone else like it as much as I do? This illustration is the first page of my series. Im not sure of what to call it yet. Who knows maybe I will write a story to go along with it too. Next page will be coming soon. I have a question if anyone might like to respond to. When writing a story that you would like to publish, if you blog about it, or put up the illustrations for it on your blog, is it considered published already? Would a publishing house not consider it for publishing? Hope that makes sense.
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Debra said...

Very sweet illustration. You are published...or should be! Please show and tell us more on this little drawing.

Anonymous said...

Sweet illustration, love it!
And to your question: I have know idea, good question!
Hope somebody can give an awnser.