Friday, July 31, 2009

Need Water?

Here in Southern California, we are in a deep deep drought. My neighboring city has gone into water rationing, hmmm. So I've been thinking alot about conserving and although I do have a pretty lush tropical garden in my front yard, I've been thinking about planting some succulents lately. These pretty little cacti were potted by my friend George and Jamar. Cacti or succulents come in so many varieties that you could make a little dessert oasis right here in sunny California. Do you have a favorite cactus plant?

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Lois0607 said...

Hi Jenny
I love your blog and your illustrations. The grandma and mice series was funny and very imaginative. I am also from the fishbowl and enjoyed the class. It looks as if you started your blog after beginning the fishbowl classes. It's nice you were inspired. Best of luck with it - and I am now a follower.