Thursday, July 9, 2009

Succulent Party

A friend of mine name George Ogan gave my husband and I a brilliant cactus garden that he created. Inspired by his work I decided to plant a little cactus garden for a friend of mine and I thought "what a cute painting this would make", and so WA-LA here it is.

"Succulent Party" 8x10 acrylic painting with varnish


Dyan said...

Jenny, thanks for stopping by! I've been becoming more relaxed about drawing 'outside' myself too.I love your little cacti (hope that's how it's spelt) - beautiful colours.

pve design said...

welcome to the blog arena!
have fun!

Kelly Schulz said...

HI Jenny, I'm from the fishbowl. I think succulents are on lots of people's minds lately. I just painted one last week too! I love them! Nice to meet you and your blog is cool!

shanon said...

This makes me want to plant a tray of cactus and succulents! =)