Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Glass Blog and Etsy Store

This is an exciting day for me. I finally was able to add a glass store with http://glasspeeps.etsy.com made by my best friend Shannon McGarry and myself and with technical support, our close friend George Ogan. Our blog is called glasspeep.blogspot.com . Together we have been blowing glass for over 10 years. Why do we call ourselves GlassPeeps you may wonder? Well, since we've known each other we have always called each other chicken. I don't know how that started but its our cute knickname for each other. Its always been a goal of ours to sell our little creations. Our favorite thing to blow is miniture teapot pendants, along with various other things. As the weeks go by I will post a few pictures of some of the glass we have made together. Hope you all like it.

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