Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunset in Rosarito

I had a very peaceful 4 days visiting my parents in Primo Tapia Mexico near Rosarito. They moved into a community called Mission Viejo. Inspite of the many warnings that the US gives about crossing the border, I find that if you scare yourself and listen to all the media, you are missing out on a sweet gem in Mexico. Living close to LA, there are many many crimes that happen everyday and don't get as much hype as Mexico does. Yes there is danger in Mexico, but isn't it dangerous just about everywhere? Be smart, and stay away from bars, clubs, drugs and you will be just fine.

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Clementina said...

Hi Jen!
So That's wher you were! I came down for a visit but I didn't see you. Oh well, see you next time! Did you eat any great food?