Friday, August 28, 2009

Painting Class

Last month I decided to have Jo Merli, a friend of mine, have a small painting class at my house. Joe taught us some fabulous techniques to use with acrylic paints. I'm excited because I have never been able to properly do landscape paintings in the past. My daughters Capri and Tatum joined in on the fun, and this was the end result. Capri is 9 yrs old and Tatum is 14. I wont tell you my age. :)
This is Capri and her painting.

This is Tatum and her painting.

This is mommas painting.

Capri's closeup painting.

Tatums closeup painting.


Clementina said...

Wau to go, Capri and Tatum! Love ya!

Dave said...

Wow! Artistic talent runs in the family. I love your site and all your wonderful paintings. Wish I was good with a paintbrush.

Love, Kim S.