Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ensenada Mexico House

Ensenada Wellness Center

I painted this for a Doctor in Ensenada Mexico who has helped me feel so much better recently.  He practices out of the cutest building, and because he has helped me so much, I want to give this to him as a gift.  Hope he likes it.  Here is the real picture I worked from.


rachel awes said...

i love this
& even adore it
through your eyes
& paint brush...
the added color
to the beautiful ground
& lines
to the sky.
everything is prettier
with jennydraws!
(so glad he was helpful!).

Debra said...

Well hello you! So nice to see you here with your wonderful illustration! Are you kidding ~ your doctor will love this! What a thoughtful treasure you have created here.

pve design said...

That is lovely! How thoughtful of you. I bet your Doctor loved it and will hang it in his office!